Crystalline aquifer in the Enchanted Forest

The crystalline aquifer in the Enchanted Forest is a groundwater spring, a veritable crystal box that houses one of the most precious resources on the planet. Its name comes from the incredible transparency and purity of its waters, which filter through layers of rock and sediments forming veins of water over thousands of years. This natural filtration process provides crystal clear water of exceptional quality, free of contaminants and rich in minerals essential to our health.

At Cañada Verde, we invite you to immerse yourself through the Enchanted Forest in this magical aquatic world. Our Center has a series of activities and experiences designed for you to discover the grandeur of the crystalline aquifer. You can also explore the caves and grottos that form in its surroundings accompanied by our expert guides.

If you are a nature lover, you will love to observe the unique flora and fauna that depend on the waters of the aquifer. You can stroll along winding trails through lush forests and listen to the melodious song of birds that find in these waters an oasis for their survival.

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